10% discount on Energy cleaning of living spaces (houses, apartments) + Karmic and cellular care

* Karmic care :discount for 18-26 years old : Chf 200,- or from 64/65 years old : Chf 250,-


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Interference suppression, Protection and Revitalization


Are you a victim of severe Manipulations, excessive Blinds or Black Magic (Bewitchment)?


If so, you most certainly need help to get out of this evil tunnel and regain strength, vitality and a good quality of life.

I have now developed a special care program for people who suffer from these very toxic energies (for example: victims of a crooked Chief, false friends, toxic neighbours and so on…).

The aim is to remove parasites or entities present, dissolve dark forces and provide adequate protection so that everyone’s energies can be harmonized and revitalized to satisfaction.

The procedure for this treatment is as follows:

a) 5 remote treatments over 2 to 3 weeks (elimination of toxic energies and installation of protection)

b) 1 cabinet care (harmonization and energy revitalization)

Individual care for a fixed price of Chf 240,-

Advance payment requested.

This type of “complete” care requires specific skills that must be mastered in order to have an optimal effect. This is why it is rarely offered by most therapists.

Feel free to contact me for any information or for a free diagnosis: +41 (0) 79 756 26 50 or by clicking on contact (please indicate your first name, last name and date of birth).

Jean-Claude Sellie, Healer-Magnetizer, Paranormal Energy Specialist


Energetic cleaning of your living and working environment

House and apartments (shops etc…)

Great energetic cleansing of your living space in order to remove all negative energies (entities, disembodied souls, harmful waves, etc.). This will allow you to regain a better vitality and be much less tired. The tensions in the atmosphere of your home will be reduced and your quality of life will be greatly improved.

After the cleaning, the new energies, which I will request, will be at a very good vibratory level to allow you to be in good shape.

Special offer limited in time with very attractive prices:

Cleaning of an apartment (flat rate): CHF 250,- instead of CHF 350,-

Cleaning a house (flat rate): CHF 280,- instead of CHF 4o0,-

All my care is done at a distance with excellent results.

Take advantage of this exclusive offer now.

Advance payment requested.

For information or a free diagnosis, please call me at: +41(0)79 756 26 50 or click on contact (please indicate the full address (road, number, town, country) of the place to be purified as well as your first and last name.



ANIFIT healthy and natural food

As a therapist-healer for animals, I recommend ANIFIT products – NATURALLY GOOD – THE BEST FOR DOGS AND CATS.

ANIFIT values (ANImal FIT) :

  • High meat content
  • Food grade raw materials
  • 100% transparent declarations
  • Without animal experiments
  • GLUTEN-FREE and CEREAL-FREE product range!

In short: the best quality at a reasonable price !

  • FREE TASTING (click below)

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On several occasions, Jean-Claude Sellie has provided me with care against my back pain, on my knees or even on my feet.
The relief through this care, both remotely and on site, was very quick and I am very happy about it.



On several occasions, Jean-Claude Sellie has provided me with care against my back pain, on my knees or even on my feet.
The relief through this care, both remotely and on site, was very quick and I am very happy about it.



For my part, after the energy cleaning carried out in our house by Jean-Claude Sellie, I really believe that you have made the presence go away because I am less concerned about where it is and what it does.
Above all, I felt a great change in my mind, which is important to me. Some people also found me in better shape, with a better look.



Following Jean-Claude Sellie’s energy treatment, I really felt a difference. It is difficult for me to explain it precisely, it is more of an impression, a global sensation. But it’s like a little rebirth, I found a certain energy that I hadn’t had for some time. I can say that it was as much on the physical level as it was on the moral level. In addition to the energy, I found motivation, joy of life….
Some people also found me in better shape, with a better look.



I went to see Jean-Claude Sellie because I felt bad, I had mood swings. As a result of his work, I saw the difference and now I feel much better.
I also asked for a cleaning of my house and since then, my family and I have been feeling much better. I don’t have the barbecuing I had before the cleaning.


Excellent results

Jean-Claude Sellie offered to help me to relieve my chronic ailments following an accident in Paris-Dakar where I had passed under a vehicle.
For three months, several times a week, Jean-Claude Sellie practiced remote magnetism treatments to relieve my pain.
I then contacted him to tell him that not only had most of the pain disappeared but that the Sudeck disease I was suffering from was no longer present, to the great surprise of my doctors.
I would like to thank Jean-Claude Sellie very much for the good it did me and for the excellent result, which surprised me greatly.
I recommend Jean-Claude Sellie’s care for all kinds of problems because the effects are very positive.


Energies Subtiles

Healer-Magnetizer, for many years, I have been providing remote care and energy cleansing mainly for people, animals and places of residence.

The sustained magnetism from which I have benefited since my birth allows me, with the help of my strong feelings, to carry out very targeted energy treatments in a short time and with excellent results.

All my treatments are essentially based on my personal technique accompanied by the subtle connections I seek in order to quickly obtain a balanced and appropriate result.

Énergies Subtiles

Jean-Claude Sellie
Ch. Arthur Honegger 3
1083 Mézières

+41 (0)79 756 26 50

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Energy care in the office and at a distance
Healing and energy care for animals
Cleaning and purification of living spaces

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