Remote karmic, cellular care


Remote karmic and cellular care

Karmic and cellular care act on each person intensely and in depth on several vibratory levels for the following problems:

– Previous negative or partially negative lives

– Transgenerational “inheritances” that are toxic or deviant

– Blockages resulting from utra-internal or current life

The treatment, which I have developed, uses several combined techniques that will resonate in a subtle way with the heavy or difficult situation you are carrying with you. 

In the end, the energies will quickly and effectively clean up a large number of problems that hinder the body and mind and important blockages will be dissolved (chains).

Through the sustained magnetism at my disposal, I kindly solicit the following energies:

– From Christ (guidance, protection)

– Several Beings of Light (archangels, elohims, angels…)

– Semi-precious stones, holy medals, clocks

– Candles, water and essential oils

In order to put all these elements in harmony so that they best purify the person’s karmic, cellular past.

A new energetic impulse is activated within each person, which systematically promotes a rich and captivating Life.




After the 4-5 sessions required, the treatment will be particularly positive and will provide the following benefits to people:

An important motivation will allow the realization of projects that had previously remained on standby

Blockages, both psychological and physical, will suddenly disappear

A real Renewal will be perceptible bringing a perceptible Well-being

According to the “feedback” obtained from my patients and taking into account my observations, the care acts on 80 to 95% of the problems, which is quite exceptional for this type of care.

It should be noted that some concerns and problems simply cannot be dealt with exhaustively.

Indeed, people confronted with certain karmic problems, for example, must experience them, or even learn from them in their current lives, before they can free themselves from them.

The duration of karmic and cellular cleansing is 2 weeks and takes place twice a week.

The total price for one person is Chf 280,-

Payment is made in advance.

For any information or diagnosis (free of charge), please contact me directly at: +41(0)79 756 26 50 or by clicking on contact (please indicate your first name, last name and date of birth)


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