The Universe of energies is currently relatively unknown.
However, these energies, better known as the vital or universal fluid, are everywhere and strongly influence the way we live, think and act.

In order to avoid bad energies and to be able to benefit from the good ones, it is important to know them very well or to ask for an opinion from a Healer-Magnetizer specialized in this field.

For several years now, I have been carrying out free energy assessments for everyone who wishes to have an opinion, without complacency, of their own energies or those related to their home. 

This opinion, which is obtained using a pendulum and my own feelings, will then allow you to act freely and wisely on the diagnosed situation.

You can find an example of the extent of the problem in the Energy Chronicle under “News”.

The energy care I offer both for people and animals is essentially based on the following points:

  • The very strong Magnetism that I have enjoyed since my birth and that I have been able to develop well over the years
  • The many experiences and observations that have allowed me to develop, in large part, my personal technique
  • The various training courses I have had the opportunity to follow in the field of parapsychology, mediumship, shamanism as well as during various seminars in the field of personal development

I would like to point out that my physical care is in no way a substitute for medical treatment but very often helps to speed up the cure of a disease, to calm pain strongly… and to protect oneself, in some cases, from the appearance of new symptoms…

How I proceed:

  • In a few minutes, I carry out an “energy balance” with my pendulum to determine the causes of the problems (because in energy we treat the causes and not the symptoms), vitality and unhealthy energies anchored on or in the physical body. Often, I also have “flashes” that give me interesting additional information.
  • The result of this assessment as well as the specific requests of my patient will allow me to propose a very targeted energy care or cleaning.
  • By moving my hands close to my body, I soothe, heal and, sometimes, cure ailments and diseases by using the magnetism transmitted to me by the infinite Universe and by my guides; I also use semi-precious stones and sounds in order to allow a very favourable accompaniment
  • At the end of the treatment, I check the person’s vitality, the proper harmonization and energization of the chakras as well as the disappearance of unhealthy energies (entities, parasites, etc.)

Positive results are already visible just after the treatment but may still appear a few days later.

If the energy problems are significant enough, a number of sessions may be necessary.

Care can be provided both remotely and in the office.

The magnetism practiced on animals follows, in general, the same principle and gives excellent results.

Energy cleaning of living spaces

All the cleaning that I propose for houses (houses, apartments, farms, etc…) is done at a distance with great efficiency.

Cleaning is carried out both on the ground and in the home in order to remove all toxic energies regardless of their origin.

The place is then harmonized and revitalized with very healthy energies so that the people who live there feel a real well-being.

Why is it essential to clean up an unhealthy place?

Apart from the Mal-Etre that the place provides, low vibrations can promote the appearance of serious diseases such as cancers, respiratory problems or psychological disorders in particular.

Example: it is as if you live in a landfill or nuclear power plant without any protection…..

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