Healer-Magnetizer for several years, I propose the following treatments

Energy care in the office or at a distance for people or animals to relieve and reduce pain, provide progressive healing and restore positive energies in the body

The duration of care and the number of treatments are established for each person or animal taking into account several criteria:

  • Importance of the ailments or diseases to be treated
  • the receptivity of the patient or animal,
  • the number of problems to be addressed

With the help of the sustained magnetism I benefit from, my mediumistic feelings and with my pendulum, I am able to determine precisely the appropriate treatment for each case.
It is obvious that it is not possible to ensure the final result in advance because it depends on everyone’s receptivity and the extent of the ailments or diseases.

For any information or for a free diagnosis, you can:

a) Call me directly on +41 (0) 79 756 26 50

b) Go to contact and tell me your first name, last name and full date of birth

Karmic, cellular treatment (4-5 new remote treatments over 2 weeks)

As a Specialist in Paranormal energies, I was able to develop a very special care, in order to touch the subtle vibrations anchored to our cells and our body.

Treat or mitigate a significant number of karmic and/or cellular problems by eliminating, mitigating the negative effects of certain past lives, in particular, characterizes this care.

Emotional blockages, obstacles or fears can be overcome by this treatment in an amazing and effective way. This will make it easier for you to move forward in your daily life and to see your goals and your Path of Life more clearly.

As a result, doors are opened, and a feeling of well-being will appear, very often, very quickly. However, it is not possible to predict which problems will be solved, nor the number of positive results; however, the benefit of the care is estimated at between 80 and 95%, which is very high. 

It is clear that for each treatment, significant benefits will be observed. However, it is also possible that some problems may not be cured by the treatment but by other means that will depend, then, on you alone (meditation, awareness, etc…).

In short, the requests I make to the Universe will act for each of you in a different but very targeted way to allow you to realize your Life in the Best!


Remember, however, that all this care should not be done in place of necessary medical treatment.  They can, however, often be used as a supplement to accelerate healing, restore vitality or relieve pain with very good results. I am listening to everyone to find the best possible solution to eliminate or mitigate any problems and concerns you may have.


Énergies Subtiles

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Energy care in the office and at a distance
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