Energy cleaning of a remote living space

The energetic cleaning of a dwelling often becomes essential when the atmosphere has become “heavy” and/or when the inhabitants are suddenly caught up in abnormal fatigue.

When the subtle positive vibrations of the living space have become so low, people who reside there may be subject to:

– Respiratory difficulties and/or the development of diseases such as cancers, etc…..

– Psychological problems affecting morale or other functions

– “Decreases in diet” resulting in a decrease in vitality

Remote energy cleaning is carried out over 2 weeks (4-5 sessions) and consists of removing:

– The entities, parasites, disembodied souls present

– Unhealthy energies (suffering, pain, suicide, illness, etc.) remain anchored in the place

– Spells, jealousies, bad thoughts or black magic that affect the home 

– Negative waves (water, various networks, etc…) disturbing

And then to :

– Revitalize the place with excellent energies to promote a high level of well-being.

The cleaning is carried out in depth and acts both on the ground and in the house itself.

Cleaning costs for a Chf apartment 250,-/d’un maison Chf 280,- (max. 2 apartments) including a 30% discount.

Payment is made in advance.

For any information or for a free diagnosis, please contact me at +41(0)79 756 26 50 or by clicking on contact (please indicate the complete address: road, number, town and country as well as your first and last name).


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